Creating a Chance and Choice for Street Children!

The Samaritan Trust focuses on rescuing vulnerable children and orphans from the streets and empowering them through education and vocational training. We help children become responsible, independent  citizens able to support themselves, choose their own paths and contribute meaningfully to society.

We typically have around seventy children in our care. Some are found by our social workers on the streets and offered a place to stay and a chance to learn. Others hear about us by word of mouth and find their way to our door. When they arrive, each newcomer is assessed, and as many as possible, we send back to school.

If a child is particularly vulnerable, we look for an individual sponsor to pay for their education in the private system where the learning environment is more protective than in the state schools.


Some children have missed too much school though to fit back into a regular classroom, to them we offer a choice of year-long, vocational training in carpentry, bricklaying, electronics and tailoring, backed up with classes in literacy, numeracy and agriculture. This training is conducted in groups of fifteen or so and taught by our tutors in our on site workshops, farm and garden.

All our students also have a designated social worker, receive individual counselling and frequently participate in life skills coaching.


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Chance and Choice for Street Children!