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Make a donation

You can help support The Samaritan Trust with a one-off donation. To do this the first option is  the old fashioned way – please send us a cheque in the post or drop by and see us. The second option, and easier for those further afield, is so send us money electronically either through a bank transfer (please email us for our bank details) or via Paypal (we are finding a work around for this option at the moment, since local legislation prevents Paypal setting up here for now).

To send a cheque or any other items to the Samaratan Trust then please post them the address below, making cheques payable to The Samaritan Trust.

The Samaritan Trust
PO Box 2835
Blantyre, Malawi

To deliver funds or items in person please then please come to our offices direct at the address below.
The Samaritan Trust
Green Corner ,Off Chikwawa Road
Blantyre, Malawi

Any queries or to ask for our bank details please email us at


Sponsor a child

You can sponsor a child through primary or secondary education. You will be informed on how the child in progressing with school reports and updates, and also exactly what the money is being spent on.

Primary school per month:
MK 4000 – (£10)  Per year: MK48,000 – (£120)
Secondary school per month:
MK10,000 – (£20) Per year: MK 112,000 – (£240)

Most of our children are in government schools in classrooms of up to 200 children. By sponsoring them through private school you can give them a chance to get a higher standard of education and therefore, the best start in life. School sponsorship can be paid monthly or annually.

To find out more please email us at


Become a member

You can also become a member of Samaritan Trust which gives you an opportunity to get more involved whether you’re local or overseas. You will receive quarterly newsletters and updates on the children as well as Samaritan news.

Please contact us if you’re interested in volunteering at The Samaritan Trust.

To find out more please email us at